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The idea for Study Percussion sprang out of the observation that, while there are a lot of great resources available for drums and percussion, there aren't many resources available that attempt to be a one stop for all things related to it.  Our greatest desire and hope is that this site is informative and practical to any person, group, and program that can use it.  We would like to include as much as we can in a living work of online publishing.  This includes educational and informational resources.  Also, including retail and music instrument resources,  Furthermore, we would like to present ourselves as a community bringing all things drums and percussion together through networking, friendship, and beyond.  Study Percussion is a collaboration of many individuals for without this would not be possible.  Please join us.  Hopefully this resource is very useful and also a lot of fun!

Our philosophy is simple.  Music should be fun.  If it's not fun, why are we doing it?  So lets have fun while we are learning and growing together!


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